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Most people want to know if the online pharmacy they buy from is a legit business. The reason is simple, legit means that they will not get scammed. They also want to know that their purchase is legal, and that no rules are violated.

I’m sure that this question has poped up in your mind when you entered, and I’m sure you have already saw other websites and had the same question in mind – is this online pharmacy legit?

I’m also sure you were looking for an answer in other websites and forums, but received unclear answers, so for once and for all I’m about to clarify.

Is legit? YES! is a offshore company established in 2007. Offshore is a phrase that means a geographical area which offers economical benefits, usually tax benefits (low rates or exemption). There are many countries which are considered to be offshore (for example Belize, Gibraltar, Cyprus and Cayman Islands). The “offshore” are non US countries. Many commercial companies, including well known high-tech and internet companies are registered in offshore countries in order to reduce the high tax rates in the US and Europe, this is 100% legit.

GenericDoctor contracted with leading pharmaceutical manufactures in India and Europe to work in a simple way, the customer place an order with (the offshore company), which is automatically transferred to local shipping department in India or Europe, where the inventory is placed. The products are then packaged and shipped according to the order details, to the customer, so when you get the package you actually get a brand new drug taken from the warehouses.

Why sending generic medications from India and not holding an inventory in the US?

It’s illegal to trade with medications unless the company has licenses to do so. To get a license a company should comply with many FDA and other governmental and local regulations. Companies who trade with medications in the US are usually big, well established companies who are connected with pharmaceutical giants, a small company don’t have the resources to comply with the regulations, so the only way is to operate from outside the US (same for UK).
Many drugs are patent protected, and generic versions can’t be manufactured and sold in the US or in any western country. The law in India however is different, and allows the local pharmaceutical companies to copy ANY medication. The reason is the need for cheap medication in Asia and third world countries who can’t afford the high costs of the original western medications – but deserve to get medical treatment just like any other human. Since the generic medications are available only in India and Asia, and can’t be imported commercially into the western countries because of patent violations rules, the only way legal is to sell them to the west is is by companies and inventories located outside the US / Europe.

The only way to sell a product without running a sales center is to create an online shop. Today you can buy almost everything online. Take for example eBay or Amazon. Since there is a huge demand for generic drugs that are sold in a fraction of the price of branded medication – online pharmacies are almost the only way to supply the demand. Still, you must be careful buying from unknown sellers that might be scams of fake drugs.

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