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In the following post I will show you how identify and avoid online pharmacy scams, and why is not a scam.

There are countless amounts of online pharmacies in the internet, so many that if you start check you’ll get dizzy. The demand for generic drugs, especially viagra and cialis skyrockets, and with demand comes supply, and unfortunately – scams.

What are scams? Scams are basically cheating. These are traps for naive customers:

  • Price scams – selling products for expensive prices, when you can get them for low prices.
  • Product scams – selling fakes (you may have heard of the term “sugar pills”), obsolete products that are sold as new, damaged products or expired.
  • Sale scams – charging your credit card without sending anything in return.

These scams are common, and you must be careful when you buy generic drugs.

How to identify a potential scam of generic medications?

  • The website puts huge pictures of the products in the home page in order to capture the eye and distract you from the important details, such as policies, discounts and contact information.
  • The contact details are not working – a chat box is not opened, or is “offline”, the email address is unknown (you have a box to send your inquiry), email you send are left without respond, phone number is invalid/disconnected etc.
  • Prices are exaggerated.
  • Details are missing / lack of transparency – you don’t get enough data about the drug, the manufacturers, the seller, the policies etc. not a scam but a legit source of generic drugs made in India is one of several online pharmacies that are not a scam. This is why have such a success – it has a good reputation. You can find any info you need in the website, and if you have any question you can use the online chat that works 24/7. The prices are the best in the market, and you can contact by phone, fax, mail and chat. The generic medications expiry dated are one year or more, all made in India by leading pharmaceutical manufacturers.

If you google “ scam” you will find few accusations that is a scam, especially in old forum posts or another review sources. These are usually competitors of scam – other pharmacy site owners who were trying to harm scam reputation. The competition in this field is very high, and includes fake reviews aimed to harm the competitors. There are rumors that such negative reviews were also implanted by western pharmaceutical companies that were trying to stop the generic meds from biting their profits.

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