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Adderall is a prescription drug that has a combination of dextroamphetmine and amphetamine salts. In most cases, people buy Adderall for the treatment of ADHD and also narcolepsy. In some other situation this medicine is used as an enhancer for athletic performance and as cognitive stimulant. In recreational uses it is a euphoriant and aphrodisiac. It falls under central nervous system stimulants and works by changing levels of brain chemicals and increasing dopamine levels.  By so doing, it enhances attention span, concentration and focus hence the reason why people buy Adderall for treatment of ADHD today both for children and adults.


This drug is available only with medical prescriptions and is used as part of a treatment program that includes social, psychological and educational therapy. Even when buying Adderall online you will need an Adderall prescription for the purchase. It has also proved to be useful in the treatment of fatigues and sleep related disorders like narcolepsy especially in adults.

The ingredients and how they work

Adderall formula has the main ingredients as dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. Others are silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, cellulose and gelatin. The main ingredients are in the medicine group known as CNS, Central Nervous System, stimulants and they work by decreasing restlessness and increasing attention in patients who have issues concentrating or those who are overactive or distracted easily.

Generally CNS drugs are commonly used to increase mental alertness and aid wakefulness by enhancing brain activity and stimulating that awake feel and mind alertness. They promote the release of neurotransmitters and they can be prescribed for extended use to treat conditions like attention deficit disorder that is persistent and narcolepsy. When used in children for longer periods, they could lead to slower development, hence the need for such children to be monitored during the period.

Adderall In the treatment of ADHD

ADHD is a condition that affects the brain and characterized by hyperactivity or inattention ongoing pattern that interferes with the proper functioning and development. Some patients will struggle with one symptom whereas others may have both. Even though it is very normal for children to have inattention and hyperactivity, those with ADHD seem to have more severe behaviors and they could end up reducing the social functioning even at school.

It may not be clear as to what causes ADHD but it seems factors such as drug and alcohol use during pregnancy, smoking and genes or exposure to toxins can contribute to the condition. Amphetamines improve nerve growth and brain development and so the long term use of Adderall works in decreasing the abnormalities in the functions and structure of the brain. When used in patients with ADHD, Adderall:

  • Enhances academic achievements
  • Reduces major ADHD symptoms
  • Improves functional outcomes
  • Increases attention and IQ
  • Decreases hyperactivity and disrupting behaviors

Adderall in the treatment of Narcolepsy

This neurological disorder affects sleep control and wakefulness as well. Patients tend to have excessive daytime sleepiness and could end up sleeping during the day uncontrollably or experience intermittent episodes. The sleep attacks could occur at any given time, even when the patients are doing an activity. Usually the condition manifests itself at the ages of 15 to around 25 but it can get symptomatic at any given age. Apart from daytime sleepiness, patients also experience cataplexy, which is sudden muscle loss, hallucinations and sleep paralysis.

Again for this condition it is not yet known what really causes it, but it is believed that genes play a role in it. This is because it is the genes that control production of brain chemicals that signal sleep and wake cycles. A deficiency in the production of the chemical hypocretin leads to the condition. There is no known cure yet for narcolepsy, but Adderall helps in keeping it under control.

The good

  • Adderall is effective in treating the conditions and as a performance enhancer too, and works very well with other Nootropics
  • It elevates mood because it increases levels of serotonin, adrenaline and dopamine
  • It boosts focus and attention
  • Increases productivity levels and keeps motivation high
  • It stimulates certain brain areas considered to help in controlling focus, attention and motivation
  • It is a good appetite suppressant and is sometimes used in off-label weight loss needs

The bad

  • It can lead to drug addiction because of the amphetamines
  • Only accessible with a prescription

How to use Buy Adderall

Just like any other drug, it is important to consult a doctor to get the go ahead to use Adderall; after all you need a prescription before buying hence it is given you need a qualified medical professional. It should also be taken under a doctor’s supervision and the dosage will depend on age of patient and the purpose for taking it. To keep mental and physical dependency at bay, this medicine should be taken only as directed by a physician. To be on the safe side, it also helps to use the medication guide that comes with the medicine.

It is best to swallow the capsules or tablets in the morning because you could end up experiencing trouble sleeping if you take in the evening. It is also important to ensure that the capsule is swallowed whole with enough water without chewing, breaking or crushing it. For people who find it hard to swallow, the capsule can be opened and sprinkled on a spoonful of something pleasant such as applesauce, but then again the contents should not be chewed or crushed.

Adderall Dosage

The drug is available in capsule and tablet form. You can select according to your preferences or you can use the form your doctor selects for you. The amount taken will usually depend on the strength and number of doses necessary per day. When it comes to Adderall, there are extended release capsule, which means that the pill effects get released slowly by slowly, hence making a suitable form for those who wish to enjoy effects all day long so they can manage going about their duties and chores. The other option is immediate release tablets that offer effects immediately, but only for about four hours or there about.

For ADHD adults are recommended to take 20mg capsule once daily in the morning. This Adderall dosage can be adjusted as deemed necessary by a doctor. Teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 usually are started on 10mg once every day. The same amount could be recommended for children between the ages of 6 and twelve. However, in any given case the dosage cannot go over 30mg in 24 hours. For Adderall tablets, all patients need to start on 5mg once or twice every day depending on the necessity. The tablets are not recommended for children under the age of three.

In the case of treating narcolepsy, children from 12 years and adults should take 10mg every day and this should be divided into two doses so 5mg the first time and 5mg the second time during the day.

Patients can buy Adderall 20mg online or Adderall 10mg online. It is a prescription drug, but you can buy Adderall without prescription you just have to ensure that you buy it legally from reputable sources. After buying, you then must ensure that you follow the directions for use to the letter to enjoy good results.

In case a dose has been missed, it should be taken as soon as possible, but if it is too close to the next dose, then the missed one can be skipped. Never double the Adderall dosage just because you missed one and you want to catch up.

To maintain its effectiveness, ensure that you store your medication away from light and moisture. Room temperature works just fine, but ensure you do not keep near pets and children. When expired or you no longer need the medication, ensure you properly discard it. Avoid flushing it down the toilet or pouring it out into the drain. If you are not sure how to discard, let your pharmacist advice further.

The side effects of Adderall

As effective as it may be in treating the conditions, Adderall has its many side effects just like most other drugs. It is however very important to remember that the severity of the side effects varies from one patient to another. Whereas one patient may have a number of side effects some may have only one or no side effects at all. But even with Adderall side effects it is still approved even for long term therapeutic use. Because large doses are required when it is used in recreational needs, risks of serious side effects are bigger in this area as well so beware. The side effects can be categorized into physical and psychological.

Physical side effects

Some of the physical side effects are cardiovascular related where patients may experience tachycardia, which is increased heart rate, hypotension and hypertension. There could also be reduced blood flow leading to most of the issues. However, research shows that there are no serious adverse effects on children and adults, especially as far as cardiovascular events go. You can therefore be sure to remain safe from sudden death, heart attack and stroke when taking this medication.

In the sexual area of the patient, prolonged and frequent erections may be experienced, but in some cases, patients have experienced erectile dysfunction when under the medication.

Other side effects are nausea, abdominal pain, weight loss, appetite loss, blurred vision, nosebleeds, dry mouth, profuse sweating, nasal congestion and excessive teeth grinding. It is highly impossible to experience all the side effects but it helps to know so you do not end up freaking yourself out when a symptom pops up.

It is the amphetamines in Adderall that stimulate medullary respiratory centers, resulting into faster and deeper breaths. Such effects will be more noticeable in patients whose respiration is compromised when they take the therapeutic doses and are hardly noticeable in healthy people under the same drug.

Some patients have had difficulties urinating because the medicine ends up contracting urinary bladder sphincter, which is the muscle responsible for urination. It can be a terrifying side effect for most but for those dealing with bed wetting or bladder control it could be considered useful.

Other possible side effects are lower back pain, cold and flu like symptoms, side pains, chills and fever, convulsion, confusion, difficulties swallowing and speaking and uncontrollable repetitive facial movements. The skin could also develop a rash and eyes become irritated and red.

Psychological Adderall side effects

The most common psychological side effects are an increase in alertness and concentration, mood swings, increase in initiative, reduced fatigue, false or unusual well-being sense, insomnia or wakefulness, high states of sociability and self-confidence.

There are other side effects that are less common but could be experienced depending on the personality of the patient and their current mental status. These include irritability, restlessness, changes in libido, anxiety, repetitive obsessive behaviors and grandiosity. When used heavily, Adderall could also lead to delusions and paranoia, but this is a very rare effect. Research has not indicated that the drug can lead to aggressive ad hostile behavior as long as it is used in the recommended therapeutic doses.

Adderall precautions

The right Adderall dosage should be strictly followed. Overdosing could lead to symptoms like severe mental and mood changes, severe headaches, muscle twitches and tremor. Seizures, confusion, muscle weakness, and aggressiveness could also be manifest in patients who overdose. In some really bad cases overdosing leads to coma.  It is important to consult a doctor if you feel a need to increase doses or if you have forgotten a dose instead of self-treating with the drug.

This drug should not be used by patients with drug abuse history, cardiovascular disease, severe anxiety and agitation or individuals with arteriosclerosis. Those with glaucoma, hypertension, hyperthyroidism and allergic reactions to different stimulants should also avoid using Adderall unless with very close monitoring and supervision by a doctor. Such close supervision and monitoring are also very necessary when this drug is administered to patients with depression, bipolar disorder, anorexia nervosa, liver and kidney problems, Tourette syndrome and seizures.

Whereas Adderall has not shown any risks of developing abnormalities to the fetus in pregnant women, it should be remembered that risks to the fetus remain high in case the amphetamine is abused. Breastfeeding mothers should avoid breastfeeding when under the drug because the amphetamine is passed into the milk.

The rule of the thumb as far as Adderall use is concerned is to seek medical advice before going ahead with your purchase. You should then stick strictly to the recommended dosages to avoid side effects that are preventable. This is especially important for people who suffer from other conditions or are under medication for different health issues.


Adderall is one of the most effective drugs when it comes to ADHD and narcolepsy. It also can be used recreationally and to improve performance as long as it does not end up being abused. But away from the effectiveness it does come with its long list of possible side effects and it is important that patients are aware of the effects before going ahead with the intakes. It is best to consult a health professional before even considering buying the drug even if you are innocently trying to deal with a sleep disorder.

Patients under the medicine should pay close attention to how their bodies react to this drug and in case adverse side effects are seen then the intakes should be stopped and medical attention got to avoid serious complications that could arise. Considering that it is addictive, avoid sharing your drugs with any other person, especially those with histories of drug abuse and addiction.

When Adderall is used in the right way, it can be of huge benefit to those dealing with ADHD and narcolepsy. It offers them a healthier life where they are in more control and are more aware of the world around them. It is best to get a prescription to even when you want to buy Adderall online. Only legally sold medication can be helpful because then you can seek all the insights you need before starting with your doses. Your doctor should help you with the process so you have an easy time when you buy Adderall every single time.

Even though this is a prescription medicine, it is possible to buy Adderall without prescription. In any case you should be cautious enough to source the drug only from reputable sources so you do no end up purchasing fake drugs. You may find Adderall generic drugs which are just as good, but fake drugs can expose you to lots of health risks, hence the need to be careful with where you choose to buy the medication. There are very good online pharmacies with a good reputation and you therefore can trust them with quality. It helps to always conduct a research on your source so you can be sure that you are buying only top quality drugs that will offer you the desired results in whatever area of use you are purchasing for.

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